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        About Us

        WITTCHEN - the highest quality and timeless style.

        WITTCHEN with over 20 years of experience, WITTCHEN has become an established company. The brand offers a vast range of the highest quality leather goods, including leather clothing. Founded by Jędrzej Wittchen, a young traveler who brought a leather wallet from one of his journeys. It was the beginning of creating a brand signed with his name.

        The first WITTCHEN collection - Italy - was launched in 1991 and is still offered by the company. Following the Italy line, new leather goods collections have been added to the brand’s portfolio. Today, the WITTCHEN offers vast selection of beautifully designed collections of handbags, leather shoes, jackets, luggage and other fashionable accessories crafted from leather. After the success of the sales showrooms, the next step was to launch WITTCHEN online store, which you are visiting right now.

        The unique feature of our brand is the ability to combine timeless classic with the latest fashion trends. Fashionable in style and classic in quality, new collections appear twice a year, so everyone will find something interesting for themselves. With an exceptional array of styles, the brand constantly adds and modifies its offer to meet the expectations of the most fashion-conscious and modern customers. An example of this, is introducing to the leather goods line, new RFID signal blocking wallets.

        WITTCHEN is a family run and traditional company that has grown over the years, while its motto has remained unchanged. This motto says: “visionary and sophisticated creation of brand by people for people”.

        The WITTCHEN products allow you to feel special.

        Wittchen. New Collection for Him
        WITTCHEN, awards

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