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Our story

WITTCHEN WITTCHEN is a market leader specialising in luxurious leather goods. The company was founded in 1990 by Jędrzej Rafał Wittchen, who runs it with his wife Monika.

WITTCHEN With over 27 years of experience, WITTCHEN has become an established family run company, one of the most recognisable brands on the European market. The brand offers a vast range of the highest quality luxurious products beautifully designed and handcrafted with great care and attention to detail.


Stary portfel dziadka

How did it all begin? Jędrzej Wittchen was a young boy when his grandfather gave him a unique gift - a beautiful, old leather wallet. Since then, the young man has started to appreciate the beauty of leather goods and its timeless quality. When a few years later, he had to decide what to do in life, he knew he wanted to make beautiful and durable leather goods. He had no experience, but trusted his business intuition, which until now helps him to run the company. He decided to take a risk and invest all his savings in his dream project. He knew that superior quality must be delivered in order this business to work out. He spent all his money on the best leathers, threads and fabrics. At the beginning he employed only one craftsman who sewed all products. Jędrzej Rafał Wittchen checked the quality of each wallet by himself. He wanted to make sure that products signed with his family name are synonymous with luxury and the highest quality.

He designed the logo and put it on each offered product, so family traditions and precision of action were reflected in the company’s name. Initially, products were sold only in local leather goods shops, but increasing demand for products resulted in opening of the first WITTCHEN retail store. With the company’s rapid growth, it turned out that a small workshop was not able to fulfill the orders anymore. Production was moved to Italy known for the best quality leathers and traditional specialist workshops.

NN szyjący na maszynie

This decision was another success of the WITTCHEN brand as Italy is one of the leading countries in fashion design. Italian fashion traditions and German meticulous attention to detail and outstanding quality of craftsmanship proved to be the perfect combination which, so far, has been appreciated by thousands of Europeans.
At the beginning, the WITTCHEN offered only leather goods. These leather products are the brand’s core collections:

Kolekcja Italy

The Italy collection

his staple collection was launched in 1991. Its characteristic feature is leather embossed with the WITTCHEN logo. Handmade from soft calf leather, these products are exquisitely practical and durable. The Italy collection offers wide range of leather goods that can be teamed together to create sophisticated sets of leather accessories.

Kolekcja Arizona

The Arizona collection

Characteristic feature of this collection is a small metal plate with the WITTCHEN emblem in the colour of old gold. Use of mineral tannins in the tanning process guarantees the highest quality of leather products which will look perfect for many years.

Kolekcja Da Vinci

The Da Vinci collection

The Da Vinci collection- the most luxurious line of the WITTCHEN brand was launched in 1998. The WITTCHEN logo has a form of a shield with gold coloured initials on embossed coat of arms. Double stitching and unique logo are the most recognizable features of this premium collection which comes in two classic colours: anthracite black and mahogany brown.

Torebka Wittchen

The WITTCHEN company has grown over the years and launched the first handbag collection - Venus. Designed in a great variety of styles and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Venus collection is perfect for women who appreciate stylish and elegant accessories.
Following the success of the Venus collection, the Elegance - new line of handbags was created. The Elegance collection appears twice a year- in the spring/summer and fall/winter season. This collection is perfect for women who seek elegant solutions combined with the latest fashion trends.
The WITTCHEN company has since expanded beyond leather goods, introducing various items, such as umbrellas, neckerchiefs, the high quality luggage, shoes and gloves. The brand continually source and design new, innovative products that prove to be successful.

Today, the WITTCHEN brand offers vast range of beautifully designed collections of handbags, clothing, perfumes, shoes, luggage and other smaller accessories like ties, shawls, belts, hats and gloves. Younger customers of WITTCHEN can find products that are designed especially for them. Combination of different styles, patterns, fabrics and distinctive colours is perfect for independent women who appreciate fashionable design with a daring twist. This collection has been crafted with great care to ensure they are as modern as possible whilst still retaining the great character WITTCHEN goods are renowned for.

The next stage in the development of the company was to build the new headquarters with the architecture and interior design that reflects the sophisticated character of the company. The elegant showroom called Da Vinci has become the key place in the brand-new head office. It is the unique place where everyone can get to know the newest products and bestsellers of the WITTCHEN’s collections. In 2011 the company built the new logistic centre which has been equipped with innovative technological systems to aid for further growth of the Wittchen brand.

Kolekcja Signature

The Signature collection

The WITTCHEN’s newest achievement is the Signature collection which has quickly won customer’s hearts and has become bestseller in its category. These products feature the distinctive lions, crowns, the company and the founder/president Jędrzej Rafał Wittchen’s initials, embossed in the leather. The Signature collection is perfect for stylish women who appreciate elegant and refined designs of superior quality.

With continued growth, the company is gaining more and more customers every year. WITTCHEN is founded on the fundamental premise of crafting products from the finest Italian leathers, which are beautiful and extremely durable. Currently, the company has network of over 100 sales showrooms spread across the Europe and innovative online store to reach wider audience.

Over the years, the WITTCHEN brand has won dozens of awards. The most important awards are those from customers who appreciate not only the quality of products but also knowledge and dedication of our consultants who are always keen to help in any unusual situation. The brand's success is built on individual approach to every customer who can feel special and taken care of.

Nagrody i wyróżnienia

WITTCHEN products blend colour, materials and character to create collections that are fashionable in style and classic in quality and finish. With an exceptional array of styles, the WITTCHEN brand is aspirational, sophisticated and timeless. Perfect for stylish people who want to look elegant in every situation.